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Benefits of Renting French or Italian vacation homes
Olives at the marketRenting is the best way to experience French and Italian living. You settle into your farmhouse or mill and adapt the pattern of your daily life to the pace of the countryside. Trips to the local markets are often the highlight of the day.

By going to the same boulangerie (bakery) everyday you meet and make friends with local people. Frequently, it's those experiences that clients list as the most memorable part of their trip.

And many of our clients love the opportunity to cook in their home using local produce. The weekly open air markets can be wonderful. In addition, the villages have wonderful shops with freshly cooked rabbit, chicken or paella prepared in the local style and ready to purchase and bring home. Add a local salad, regional fresh cheeses and the wine from the local cave, and you've an incredible meal at home. This is one of the wonderful experiences of European living.

Dining al frescoRenting offers more spacious surroundings than a hotel. And for larger parties, it the best way to socialize. Rather than being cramped in hotel bedrooms, here you have an entire house and grounds at your disposal.

For families with children, renting offers flexibility. Children can be left to sleep late in the morning while parents enjoy cafı au lait on their terrace sniffing the fresh lavender. Meals can be taken at home occasionally, thus avoiding the 2-hour restaurant meal. And using your own kitchen you can provide simpler meals more familiar to children, cold cereal with milk or yogurt.

The cost of a rental is usually less expensive than staying in a hotel for parties of 4 or more. In addition, if you save a lot of money by eating the occasional meal at home. And most people like to eat meals at home rather than having to eat all meals in restaurants on their vacation.

A veloLastly, renting your own holiday home offers a more relaxing vacation than staying in hotels. You can adapt a pattern of life that matches that of the country you're in. This way you really feel like you're living in France and Italy.

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