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Rome Information

An introduction

Rome is a magical city. It has perhaps the most beautiful piazzas, fountains, churches, obelisks and ancient ruins in all of Italy and perhaps the world. Located in central Italy in the Lazio region, it is set on seven hills, with the Tiber River meandering through the city. The Vecchia Roma, or historic district, is the central part of Rome with the highest concentration of public monuments. One can wander through quiet, narrow cobblestone streets that open to piazzas filled with open-air markets. Or one can walk the elegant avenues that are lined with fashionable designer shops. Rome is a vibrant urban city and has both bustling traffic and quiet alleyways. See all properties in this region.


Renting in Rome

There is so much to see that it seems almost impossible to consider less than a week’s stay. Hotels can be expensive and offer a small room with little space for just relaxing. What better way to enjoy touring Rome than staying in your own comfortable apartment?

We have an excellent selection of comfortable, renovated apartments that are well located to tour, while giving a real neighborhood feeling. Rentals can start any day of the week in Rome. Whereas a week’s stay is standard, rentals for a minimum of 3-5 days can be arranged at many apartments. Many of them also now offer air conditioning. The apartments listed on our website are just a small selection of our offerings. Once you have your exact dates, call or e-mail us with your party size, dates and requirements. We’ll send you information about apartments that are available during your stay.


Where to stay?

The Historic Center

The historic center is that area on the east side of the Tiber River from the Piazza del Popolo in the north to the Roman forum in the south. Most of the famous fountains and monuments are located in this area. The Piazza Navona, the Spanish steps, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain are all here. Parts of this area are pedestrian only and thus offer a quiet setting. Other parts have large avenues where car and bus traffic navigate through the city.


The word “trastevere” means across the Tiber River. This lovely neighborhood is located across the River Tiber on the west side, and offers a real “neighborhood feeling”. It’s a great location for touring, because it is still just a 20-minute walk to the Piazza Navona. This is a pretty neighborhood of narrow winding streets and small one-of-a-kind shops. Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere is a lovely large square with cafes open late and is a gathering place for locals and tourists at night. Here you can imagine living in Rome.


Vatican City is across the river Tiber north of Trastevere. This is still close to the historic center and is just a few minutes walk across the River Tiber to locations like the Piazza Navona.


One of the oldest neighborhoods in Rome, this is a wonderful location for renting. Tucked east of the Roman Forum and north of the Colosseum, it is the neighborhood of choice for purchasing property in Rome. No stores selling postcards and plastic models of the Colosseum. This is where Romans live. And it is just a 15-minute walk to the Piazza Navona. Here among the narrow streets are small clothing stores, fine local restaurants, and Romans living their lives. It is a wonderful location for renting.


Food & Wine

Rome is famous for its selection of fine restaurants. The list is extensive. Wines from the area include the famous Frascati, a crisp white wine excellent with seafood. However, it’s also a city famous for its pizza, its ice cream, its coffee and desserts. Thus, there is something for everyone here.



Rome is a city of elegant designer stores offering clothing, leather goods, jewelry, silk scarves, even kitchenware. It is a shopper’s paradise. Just to walk by these beautiful storefronts is delightful.

See all properties in this region.

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