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Renting in Florence

Hotels in Florence tend to have small rooms, high prices and small lobbies. Why not rent?

We offer a wonderful selection of apartment rentals in the heart of Florence. Visit them on this website. They offer more spacious accommodations than hotels, provide cooking facilities, and have comfortable living rooms. They come in all sizes from studios to 3 bedrooms. And now, most also have air conditioning. Unlike countryside rentals, these can start any day of the week and can usually accept a 3-day minimum stay. See all properties in this region.


How to get there

Florence is a beautiful city located in the Tuscany region of Italy. There is so much to see and do here, that it’s worth spending several days or even a full week. Although you can fly directly into the city, the airport is small and as of this writing has no radar. Thus it doesn’t have direct flights from the US. Most Americans fly into Pisa, Milan or Rome and then take the train to Florence. The train station is in the center of town and one could easily walk to many of our rentals here.

When you’re in Florence, it is best to manage without a car. The center is pedestrian only and parking is typically available only in paid lots. If you will continue your vacation with a visit to the countryside, it’s best to rent the car when you leave Florence.



This beautiful city is a world center for art and architecture. Not only are there many museums with outstanding collections of art, but also the buildings themselves are architectural wonders. Just strolling the streets is an awe-inspiring activity.

On a more practical note, Florence is a special place for shopping. Italian designer stores abound. Clothing, leather goods, fine stationery, gold jewelry, luggage …the list is endless. Many people set aside time on their trip just to buy shoes, purses, gloves and jewelry. With many open-air markets, there are even bargains galore. There is such a high level of design that even “window shopping” is fun.

Florence is a city of elegant cafes where for the price of a café or prosecco you can pass pleasant time watching the Florentines stroll by. And of course, this is a city with a wonderful selection of restaurants.


The Medieval Heart

Florence is situated on the banks of the Arno river. The Ponte Vecchio is the famous 14th century bridge that crosses the river at its narrowest point and is covered with shops selling gold jewelry.

The medieval heart of Florence is located on the north side of the river. Here you’ll find the famous Piazza della Signoria, a large open square with the Palazzo Vecchio, the famous Uffizi Gallery and the huge marble statue of David, a copy of the original, which is a favorite spot for tourist photos. Elegant cafes have patios spilling onto this lovely plaza. Broad avenues lined with designer shops with ornate shopfronts lead to the Piazza del Duomo, the famous cathedral in white, green and pink marble. This entire area is pedestrian-only and is filled with beautiful plazas, ancient market places and fascinating stores.

Many of our apartments are just beyond the Duomo near the San Lorenzo market. The mercato is the center for fresh produce in Florence. This is an ideal location for rentals! From our apartments it is an easy walk to all the major tourist spots in the medieval center, and to the Arno itself.


The South Bank of the Arno

It’s a short walk across the Ponte Vecchio or one of the other lovely bridges on the Arno to the neighborhoods on the south bank : the Oltrarno, “across the Arno”. Narrow cobble stoned streets open to the lovely Santo Spirito piazza. This neighborhood is more local, with fewer large groups of tourists and fewer large stores. Many of the shops are filled with craftspeople offering furniture and leatherworks. Continue walking up the hill and you’ll find the Pitti Palace, another famous museum and its lovely Boboli gardens. We have a few listings in buildings right by the river. They offer a local setting while still just being 10 minutes on foot from the Piazza Signoria.


Food & Wine

Florence is filled with a wonderful selection of restaurants. Tuscan food specializes in excellent meats grilled simply complimented by fine olive oil. Pastas are freshly made and here, too, focus on use of sauces that let the flavor of the ingredients come through. The wines are all wonderful with a big choice of Chiantis or wine from Montepulicano and Montalcino.

See all properties in this region.

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