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What's the shortest time I can rent?

Typically rentals are by the week. In Paris some owners take rentals for a minimum 3-day stay. In the countryside in France in low season, some owners also take a minimum 3-day stay. Some owners, in particularly sought after locations, require a two-week minimum.

What day do rentals start?

In the country, the standard is to start on a Saturday. Arrival time is generally from 4:00-8:00pm. Departure is the following Saturday by 10:00am. Special arrangements can usually be made for alternate times. Please inquire. In cities like Paris, rentals can start any day of the week. Arrivals are usually permitted in the morning as most flights arrive from the US to Paris early. If the apartment or house was vacated that very morning, sometimes owners will allow the arriving client to drop off their luggage and then ask them to leave to allow the housekeeper to finish preparing the accommodation. Always inquire.

Explain the prices.

Prices are in American dollars. They are weekly rates and typically vary according to the season which is specified. In cities rates tend to be the same for most of the year. In the countryside, rates vary according to season with summer rates the highest...low season the least expensive. Extra fees are specifically listed.

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What's included in the rental price?

In France household linen is occasionally an extra charge. Sometimes there is a final cleaning fee. Heating is almost always extra. Airconditioning as well. Some communities in France charge a taxe de séjour which is a small fee, usually €1, payable locally and based on per person/per day. Any extra fees are specifically noted under Prices on the left. Otherwise the price listed covers the entire rental for a week.

How do we pay?

The holiday is prepaid before you arrive. 50% is required at the time of the reservations. The remainder is due 8 weeks before the holiday starts. If the reservation is made less than 8 weeks before the holiday starts--100% is due. As prices are not fully refundable, clients should take out trip cancellation insurance.

Do I need to leave a security deposit?

Yes, a security deposit is required. This is typically $100-$300 and is returned less any charges a month after you leave the property. Typically, there are no charges and this amount is fully refunded. However, this deposit is a minimal amount, and clients are fully responsible for any damage done to the property. Typically your household insurance policy will cover you for any damages you incur.

What's different about a French or Italian rental than my American home?

Lots of things. Typically French or Italian homes have no window screens. If they do have screens this will be noted in the property description. And airconditioning is unusual. Utilities are expensive in Europe, and owners carefully control the use of electricity and water. However, here, too, if a home does provide airconditioning, it will be listed under "Features & Amenities". Be sure to check.

Washing machines when available work much slower than American units. Dryers usually don't exist. Europeans dry their clothing on clothes lines. Beds may also be different, generally softer. Queen-sized beds in France are less common than standard double beds. Always check the property description to be sure. Bed sizes are specifically noted.

Do French and Italian owners like Americans?

They do! Almost all our clients say the best part of their trip was meeting the locals. French and Italians in the countryside are happy to have American clients.

Unlike the British or the Germans, Americans visit because they like the local culture, not primarily to seek warm weather. Locals tend to be outgoing and generous sharing local produce(wine, grapes, fruit, flowers, etc.). Even if you don't speak the language, owners enjoy their American renters. Speaking the language, however, makes it easier and more fun.

Preparing your own meals

Are there any disadvantages to renting?

You are definitely more on your own than in a hotel. You do not have regular staff coming in to your home daily to take care of the house and answer any questions you may have about being in a foreign country.

And because you're renting in converted old houses, there are certainly idiosyncrasies to manage in the house. Houses are renovated to the local taste and not to American needs. You also can't count on the people around you speaking English. You must learn to manage.

Do the houses have telephones and/or internet access?

Most city rentals do have telephones. Often these are good for local/incoming calls only. For long distance calls be prepared to use your US telephone credit card or buy a local prepaid card. In the countryside, many homes do provide telephones. Always check the property description "Features & Amenities" to be sure. However, even some luxury homes don't have telephones because it is so common for Europeans to have their own cell phones.

In cosmopolitan cities like Paris, many apartments do now offer high speed internet access or wireless access. Here, too, if it is offered, it will be listed under "Features & Amenities" in our property description. In the countryside, it is not very common to see internet access. However, if there is a telephone at any property, and you bring your own laptop with a modem, you can plug a phone cord into the laptop and access the internet. To do this, you do need the toll-free number from your provider for the country and region you're visiting. This way, even if the phone will not allow long-distance calls, you can access the toll-free number and it won't incur phone charges.

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