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The Ville et Village Experience
Carolyn on vacation in Barga ItalyVille et Village has specialized in French and Italian vacation rentals since 1992. A small, privately owned company, we’ve placed over 10,000 satisfied clients in authentic, charming country and city rentals.

Personally selected properties

All the properties you’ll see on this website were selected and visited by our owner, Carolyn Grote. Carolyn chooses just those properties she knows will make your vacation a special experience. In each region, we only represent properties in the prettiest locations with the best selection of charming villages nearby. Properties are always well located for touring with a large selection of characteristic things to see and do within an easy drive.

All the info you need

Our written property descriptions are clear, detailed and thorough. We select our pictures to show the décor, the ambiance and the setting. We give distances to the nearest villages and list their facilities. And we provide a map for reference. Our regional information explains what there is to see and do in each area. This helps you decide which location offers you the experiences you prefer. We’ve designed all this so you can make the best decision for your vacation.

Helpful recommendations

Our staff is comprised of Americans who have all lived in France or Italy and are bilingual. They know the regions and the houses. They are happy to help with recommendations. We also have compiled a bank of testimonials from past clients. These comments often help new clients finalize their decisions.

Authentic experiences

When you book with Ville et Village you are choosing a vacation rental that really allows you to experience a local way of life. That is our particular specialty. Yes, you’ll find charm, comfort, cleanliness and reliability, but you’ll also find local standards that may mean no window screens, hanging laundry to dry and no microwaves! That’s all part of the unique experience of renting in Europe.


Our assistance continues through your vacation. Clients receive our helpful Travel Information pamphlet along with all other travel documents prior to departure. We’ve created this material to help ease your transition at the rental and in the country. It offers tips on renting in France and Italy including such subjects as what house supplies to buy, use of the telephone, obtaining local currency, protection against theft, and more. In addition, you’ll receive our own list of Things to See and Do for each region. Clients love our insider tips. These are suggested itineraries including visits to open-air markets, historic sites, hiking and biking, special events, local specialties to purchase, restaurants and even a reading list!
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