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Benefits of Renting
To make a reservation, call or e-mail a choice of 2-3 properties and your exact holiday dates. We'll add our recommendations to help you prioritize your choices. Usually within a day we can tell you which property we were able to reserve. A 50% deposit is required to confirm. If the booking is placed within 8 weeks of the start of your holiday, full payment plus a security deposit is required to confirm. Payments and the completed Ville et Village booking form must be received within 5 days of the date the option is held. We do not accept credit cards. The final invoice will list your final payment date and any additional charges including local taxes, security deposits, etc. Final payments are due eight weeks before the start of your holiday. We reserve the right to institute a $35 fee in cases where a client releases an option without confirming when significant effort has been extended to obtain that option.

Start dates are Saturday except for city rentals(Paris, Florence, Rome, Venice, etc.) which can start any day of the week. A week is 7 nights with arrival usually between 4-9pm and departure by 10am. Alternate arrangements may be possible in off season. City rentals can often have a more flexible arrival time if the property is empty the previous day. Please inquire.

Property descriptions list the maximum occupancy each property "sleeps". The party size must not exceed this number. Owners may deny clients access to the property or may charge an additional supplement if the maximum is exceeded. If you have a special need, be sure to inquire in advance.

Linen is included unless otherwise noted. Typically owners provide one large and one small towel per person plus dishtowels. Pool towels are often not provided.

Security deposits are required for all properties. The amount and currency of the deposit is listed in the property description under the price section of the description. If the deposit is listed in US dollars, this amount will be billed with the final payment and will be returned to you about a month after departure –provided there are no damages or outstanding payments. If the deposit is listed in euros, then this amount is held at the property upon your arrival and will be returned upon departure.

Liability is not limited to the size of the security deposit. You are responsible for any damage to the property caused by you or damage by any third party visiting the property. Your home liability policy probably offers worldwide coverage, but please check to be sure. Owners are responsible for the safety of their property.

Items such as telephone, television, satellite TV(with English language stations), window screens, dishwasher or washing machine although common in American homes are only provided in Europe if specifically noted in the description. If you require these, please state so at the time of the request. Heating is available as noted and charges are usually supplemental. Items such as clothes dryers, air conditioning or WiFi are not the standard and will be specifically listed as an amenity if provided. Such special services, even when described, are provided in good faith. Occasionally, these may temporarily not be available due to problems beyond the owner’s control. Pools are not available in low season and are not heated unless otherwise noted. Owners/caretakers may keep dogs, cats or livestock nearby. Local customs can be surprising. Roads can be unpaved or narrow. Drinking bottled water is recommended at some properties. This is all a part of living in a foreign country. Let us know in advance if you have special needs.

Once received, payments are nonrefundable and nonexchangeable. We strongly recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance as protection. If you must cancel and do not have insurance, if we are able to rebook the property, you will receive a refund less a handling fee of $150 per week rebooked. Date changes are at the owner’s discretion based on availability and season. An amendment fee of $100 will apply. Cancellations must be received by phone and in writing by the due date for final payment or else full payment is required. Cancellations received after the due date do not release your financial obligation for full payment.

Ville et Village is an agent for owners with whom we contract. Quoted prices include our agency's commission and are consequently higher than renting directly with an owner. Property descriptions reflect personal opinions.

Circumstances beyond our control. Ville et Village regrets it cannot accept liability or pay any compensation when for any reason beyond our control we are unable to provide you with the property you have booked. In the unlikely event that this occurs, we will do our best to find suitable alternate accommodation. If this is not possible or you do not wish to be transferred, we will cancel the booking and refund the amount paid to us for the property, but we are not liable for anything further including cancellation charges for travel arrangements.

Complaints must be notified by phone to the local representative and Ville et Village while the client is at the property. The client must allow us to remedy the problem or find suitable replacement. Vacating isn't sufficient cause for a refund. Complaints at the end of the rental will not be considered. Normal wear-and-tear occurs, and occasionally repairs need to be undertaken and take time. In addition, older homes have idiosyncrasies that are part of the pleasure of renting. The vast majority of homes are in excellent condition. Your patience is appreciated.

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