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Click To ReadPublished on 09/10/2016

Earthquake in Italy
The 6.2 earthquake in Italy feels very personal to me. The epicenter was Norcia, and that is a charming small village that I visited in the past and fell in love with

I want to share my memories with yo...
Click To ReadPublished on 08/26/2016

The Promenade des Anglais in Nice and Me
Last I wrote, I was on my way to Italy to hike the Via Francigena. It was yet another memorable trek which I will talk about in a future blog post. But first, I want to write about Nice, the Promenade des Angl...
Click To ReadPublished on 08/05/2016

Piedmont: A Wine-Producing Region to Explore
Tomorrow I leave for Italy to hike the Via Francigena, the medieval trail that goes from Canterbury to Rome. My husband, friends a...
Click To ReadPublished on 04/11/2016

I'm Leaving for Italy Soon
In two weeks I will be flying to Italy. Although I travel internationally regularly, the recent explosions in Brussels have made me more aware of the dangers that stalk us in these newly brutal times.

Click To ReadPublished on 04/01/2016

Why I'm Hiking the Via Francigena in Italy
The Via Francigena is a medieval trail that originally went from Canterbury in England through France into Italy ending in Rome. Have you heard of it? I hadn't until recently.

Readers may remember that ...
Click To ReadPublished on 03/04/2016

Two Beautiful Towns in Northern Tuscany: Carrara and Pietrasanta
Pietrasanta and Carrara are beautiful towns in Tuscany that can easily be missed by first-time travelers to this area. Tuscany has so much to offer, that one might not know there are wonders to visit even north...
Click To ReadPublished on 02/19/2016

Welcoming Benches in France
Although it's February, here in Berkeley, our spring bulbs are already blooming. So to continue a theme I started last week in this blog, I am thinking of more of my photos of flowers blooming in France. And ...
Click To ReadPublished on 02/12/2016

A Cat and A Doorway in Tuscany
Not only do I love doorway photos, but I appreciate the local animals that use these niches as shady spots to relax. So I have many photos of cats and dogs snoozing in the shade.

This photo was taken in...
Click To ReadPublished on 02/05/2016

Another Wonderful Tuscan Door
I love seeing beautiful entryways in Italy and France. As I hike through the countryside, I pass so many old stone houses with absolutely delightful doorways. Italians in particular love having a flowerpot by...
Click To ReadPublished on 01/29/2016

I Take Lots of Charming Italian Photos
Every where I travel in Italy or France, there is something beautiful to see.

I love to photograph scenes that capture the architecture, the landscape or the bucolic setting. And winter time is my cha...
Click To ReadPublished on 01/22/2016

My Love Affair with Marinated Olives
Stroll through an outdoor market in France and you'll see tables covered with bins and bins of marinated olives. All colors, all flavors: Herbes de Provence, Moroccan spices, lemon-flecked, oregano and garlic...
Click To ReadPublished on 01/15/2016

Paris Sidewalk Cafes are Busy Again
Today's NY Times had an article relating that Paris streetside cafes are becoming b...
Click To ReadPublished on 01/08/2016

Hiking in Rainy Weather in France
It's a rainy morning here in the Bay Area and I'm reminded of rainy days in France.

Over 4 years in 2 week increments, my husband, friends and I hiked the Click To ReadPublished on 01/04/2016

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