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Our Provencal Houses and Their Stories
It's a pleasure to work with interesting owners. My last blog addressed the very interesting clients that book with us. Now, I want to talk about some of our very interesting houses.

I think having a...
Click To ReadPublished on 12/05/2013

I Love My Job: I Have Cool Clients!
I have been running Ville et Village since 1992--that is 22 years and I still LOVE MY JOB.

Okay, over the years the competition has grown, the economy has sometimes dipped, and sometimes folks have unr...
Click To ReadPublished on 10/30/2013

Protect Yourself from Theft, cont.
I I was just speaking with a client who said he always saves my newsletters and was looking at the article Click To ReadPublished on 10/04/2013

My Wonderful Venice Apartment Rental
I recently returned from a week in Venice at one of our apartments in the Dorsoduro sestiere. Even though I have been to Venic...
Click To ReadPublished on 08/29/2013

My Upcoming Summer Trip to Venice
This summer, we have several clients going to Venice and staying at one of our apartments there. And I will be going, too.

Last time I was in Venice I stayed near the Fenice in a lovely apartment that...
Click To ReadPublished on 07/22/2013

I Do Not Speak French--How Will I Manage?--- Do the French Speak Any English?
When our clients go to France, we give them travel documents with the name and phone number of the person who will greet them and a comment about whether this person speaks any English. I hope our clients use ...
Click To ReadPublished on 07/12/2013

Summer Festivals in France & Italy
I love to travel in July and August in France & Italy. The Europeans are on vacation themselves with their families and often there are special events scheduled. So although some folks think it is not a good ...
Click To ReadPublished on 06/28/2013

June 21st in France _La Fête de la Musique
If you're in Paris or France next week remember that on the summer solstice, June 21, there will be some kind of celebation. In Paris, it is La Fête de la Musique. There will be lots of open air music through...
Click To ReadPublished on 06/14/2013

Travel Theft and Protecting Yourself
We always tell clients to protect themselves from theft when travelling, but this year the season has already started with two incidents of people having items stolen from them when they were out and about. And...
Click To ReadPublished on 05/24/2013

Lily of the Valley-May Day in France
I'll be in France on May 1, France's National Labor Day and as always will enjoy marking this special day as the French do by buying a bouquet of "muguets" or lilies-of-the-valley.

France has many publ...
Click To ReadPublished on 04/18/2013

A Favorite Paris Rental Returns
For many years we offered a beautiful one-bedroom apartment PA035 on Rue des Tournelles in the Marais. Clients loved it. Jus...
Click To ReadPublished on 04/17/2013

Taking Your Cell Phone to Europe
Did you know that the owners in Europe ask us for our client's cell phone number?

Most owners or keyholders do expect clients to have with them a mobile phone so that they can be called when they are en...
Click To ReadPublished on 03/29/2013

How the TSA Made Me a Happier Traveller
I, for one, was delighted to read that the TSA will now allow airline travellers to take small folding knives with them on board airplanes. Why is this so very important to me? I have a love affair with Click To ReadPublished on 03/14/2013

4 Tips for Travelling with Children in the French Countryside
Many of our clients are now planning a trip to the French countryside "en famille", that is, with their children. Can this be a fun experience for both parents and children? The answer is a resounding "YES". ...
Click To ReadPublished on 03/01/2013

Selected by T+L Magazine as A Top Villa Agency for France for the 3rd Time!
I'm proud to write that for the 3rd time we've been highlighted in Leisure + Travel magazine's Global Guide to V...
Click To ReadPublished on 02/21/2013

A Mill in Paradou and Winter Reading
In these dark winter months when I've planned for my summer trip to France, but am still waiting to go...I like to get a book that gets me in the mood for that trip. If you're like me, here's a terrific sugges...
Click To ReadPublished on 02/11/2013

A Visit to Provence, Paris and the Riviera: My Fall Trip to France
It was a very busy trip to France in November and I have just finished writing up all the properties. I visited 30(!) properties in the Riviera, Provence and Paris and have added 20 to our listings. In a coup...
Click To ReadPublished on 01/29/2013

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