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Visiting New Houses in France
Next week I'm off to France to visit new properties. Each year I go over in the fall when most rental houses are vacant, and when it is quiet in our office here in Berkeley.

I'll start off on the Rivi...
Click To ReadPublished on 10/31/2012

Cooking Up Provence-Recipe for a Pistou
No meal transports me more to the south of France than a pistou! And as it is August and I am not in Provence, but in the summery cool of Berkeley, I needed a summer fix. So this weekend, I pulled out my copy...
Click To ReadPublished on 08/14/2012

Buying Travel Insurance
I can speak from personal experience as I had Travel Insurance and made a claim during my own trip to Italy in 2010! We recommend our clients purchase Travel Insurance as protection. I'll tell you about my own ...
Click To ReadPublished on 07/31/2012

A New Provencal Mas
I'm happy to announce that we have a great new property to offer in Provence. It's in the village of Maussane, a charming village where I have spent my own vacation TWICE! Maussane is in the Bouches du Rhône ...
Click To ReadPublished on 07/20/2012

Special Summer Events
As many of you may be heading out on your trips to France and Italy, just a little reminder that once you get to your location you should check out the local tourist office for special events.

We once w...
Click To ReadPublished on 07/19/2012

Getting Euros for Your Trip
People always ask about the best way to get euros for their trip. The common wisdom these days is to withdraw money in the form of euros through the ATMs in the country you're visiting. No need to purchase eu...
Click To ReadPublished on 07/19/2012

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