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Join in the Olive Harvest in 2015
Ever see the olive harvest in Provence?

On my fall trip I stayed at PR301 when the owner was harvesting olives from...
Click To ReadPublished on 01/30/2015

The Little Prince: a French Fable
I recently read an article in the NY Times about the Morgan Library's current exhibit about Le Petit Prince/The Little Prince by St. Exupéry. Although I had read it years ago when I was in high school, it's be...
Click To ReadPublished on 02/21/2014

Our Provencal Houses and Their Stories
It's a pleasure to work with interesting owners. My last blog addressed the very interesting clients that book with us. Now, I want to talk about some of our very interesting houses.

I think having a...
Click To ReadPublished on 12/05/2013

4 Tips for Travelling with Children in the French Countryside
Many of our clients are now planning a trip to the French countryside "en famille", that is, with their children. Can this be a fun experience for both parents and children? The answer is a resounding "YES". ...
Click To ReadPublished on 03/01/2013

A Mill in Paradou and Winter Reading
In these dark winter months when I've planned for my summer trip to France, but am still waiting to go...I like to get a book that gets me in the mood for that trip. If you're like me, here's a terrific sugges...
Click To ReadPublished on 02/11/2013

Cooking Up Provence-Recipe for a Pistou
No meal transports me more to the south of France than a pistou! And as it is August and I am not in Provence, but in the summery cool of Berkeley, I needed a summer fix. So this weekend, I pulled out my copy...
Click To ReadPublished on 08/14/2012

A New Provencal Mas
I'm happy to announce that we have a great new property to offer in Provence. It's in the village of Maussane, a charming village where I have spent my own vacation TWICE! Maussane is in the Bouches du Rhône ...
Click To ReadPublished on 07/20/2012

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