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Summer Reading: Little Saint by Hannah Green
More thoughts on the Camino de Santiago and how it relates to my suggestion for summer reading. This pilgrimage I took and just completed in April, was such a special experience that it continues to affect me....
Click To ReadPublished on 06/20/2014

A New "Food Lover's Guide" to Paris
I am a fan of Patricia Wells and her many wonderful books on food and France.

And now after many years she has published a new print edition ...
Click To ReadPublished on 04/01/2014

The Little Prince: a French Fable
I recently read an article in the NY Times about the Morgan Library's current exhibit about Le Petit Prince/The Little Prince by St. Exupéry. Although I had read it years ago when I was in high school, it's be...
Click To ReadPublished on 02/21/2014

A Mill in Paradou and Winter Reading
In these dark winter months when I've planned for my summer trip to France, but am still waiting to go...I like to get a book that gets me in the mood for that trip. If you're like me, here's a terrific sugges...
Click To ReadPublished on 02/11/2013

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