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Earthquake in Italy
The 6.2 earthquake in Italy feels very personal to me. The epicenter was Norcia, and that is a charming small village that I visited in the past and fell in love with

I want to share my memories with yo...
Click To ReadPublished on 08/26/2016

The Promenade des Anglais in Nice and Me
Last I wrote, I was on my way to Italy to hike the Via Francigena. It was yet another memorable trek which I will talk about in a future blog post. But first, I want to write about Nice, the Promenade des Angl...
Click To ReadPublished on 08/05/2016

Winter Memories of Paris
It's raining and chilly in the Bay Area today. I love it since every drop of moisture here is precious. And also because it feels like winter-- something that doesn't always happen here where we usually have ...
Click To ReadPublished on 12/24/2015

Paris and the 10th Arr.
For many years I've offered a pretty apartment in the 10th arrondisement in Paris. Frankly, when we offered it to clients, we often had to explain why this was such a great location. Located next to the Canal...
Click To ReadPublished on 12/18/2015

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