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A Cat and A Doorway in Tuscany
Not only do I love doorway photos, but I appreciate the local animals that use these niches as shady spots to relax. So I have many photos of cats and dogs snoozing in the shade.

This photo was taken in...
Click To ReadPublished on 02/05/2016

Another Wonderful Tuscan Door
I love seeing beautiful entryways in Italy and France. As I hike through the countryside, I pass so many old stone houses with absolutely delightful doorways. Italians in particular love having a flowerpot by...
Click To ReadPublished on 01/29/2016

I Take Lots of Charming Italian Photos
Every where I travel in Italy or France, there is something beautiful to see.

I love to photograph scenes that capture the architecture, the landscape or the bucolic setting. And winter time is my cha...
Click To ReadPublished on 01/22/2016

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