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I'm Leaving for Italy Soon
In two weeks I will be flying to Italy. Although I travel internationally regularly, the recent explosions in Brussels have made me more aware of the dangers that stalk us in these newly brutal times.

Click To ReadPublished on 04/01/2016

Why I'm Hiking the Via Francigena in Italy
The Via Francigena is a medieval trail that originally went from Canterbury in England through France into Italy ending in Rome. Have you heard of it? I hadn't until recently.

Readers may remember that ...
Click To ReadPublished on 03/04/2016

My Trek on the Via Francigena
The Via Francigena is a medieval trail going from Canterbury, England to Rome, Italy. It was the major route to Rome from the north. It is named the Via Francigena because it came through France to Italy. Click To ReadPublished on 06/17/2015

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