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4 Tips for Travelling with Children in the French Countryside 03/01/2013

Many of our clients are now planning a trip to the French countryside "en famille", that is, with their children. Can this be a fun experience for both parents and children? The answer is a resounding "YES". Read our tips below and visit our newsletter article on Travelling with Children for more information.

1. Travelling in summer means you are in on vacation with the French and their families. So, it is holiday time! From mid June to end of August, there are tons of special events taking place. Travelling circuses, sound and light shows, music festivals, bull fights that are family-fun, historic festivals, etc. etc. All of this will be the case so long as you are going to places that are summer destinations like Provence, Brittany, Normandy, the Riviera, and the Ile de Re--exactly where we have our rentals. How do you find out about these? When you arrive at your destination, visit the local Tourist Office(there will be one in most larger villages) and check their calendar.

2. Even going out for a lovely lunch or dinner with the entire family will be fun. The French take their own children out to dinner and so restaurants are happy to welcome families. And in summer you can easily sit outside on an open patio. Here your children can have a bit more freedom than indoors to get up and stretch if neeeded.
Remember that lunches (from 12-2pm) are an easy way to enjoy a meal out with children--less expensive than dinner and an ideal way to spend the warmest part of the day.

3. Select just ONE place to visit on a given day and incorporate into that something fun for the children. So for example, in the south, visit the Pont du Gard (the tiered Roman acqueduct) and bring bathing suits and towels to swim in the river below. Or visit the Picasso chateau at Antibes and then swim at the beaches in Juan les Pins.

4. Be sure to set aside a half day to spend at the outdoor market in your area. These markets are like little festivals with lots of fun things to look at, charming cheap things to buy for children, good food to snack and sometimes even like music and street performers. My children always loved that.


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