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A Visit to the Lightning Field With New French Friends 10/08/2015

This summer I did not go to France or Italy. Instead I went to northwest New Mexico to visit a "land art" installation by Walter De Maria, The Lightning Field . But even though I didn't go to France, France came to me in the form of two lovely young Parisians who also visited this special installation at the same time I did!

Only 6 people are permitted to see the installation at a time and one needs to sign up in advance. It is a 24 hour experience; thus those who see it also participate in a "group process" experience! You meet at the Dia Foundation office in Quemado and are then driven half an hour away to open countryside where there is a log cabin with sleeping for 6 and are left to experience the art-- to be picked up again the next day around the same time. In the open plain is the remarkable installation. It consists of 400 stainless steel poles set in a rectangular grid 1 x 1.5 km. One can walk into it, or observe it from the front porch. As the light changes, the view changes. And the six people are on their own to be quiet or to talk, to observe and to enjoy. And remarkably, two of the other people were Parisians, one of whom was an art curator. What fun to share this very American art experience with 2 Parisians!

Read more about what I saw and whom I met by visiting my fall newsletter.


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