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The Little Prince: a French Fable 02/21/2014

I recently read an article in the NY Times about the Morgan Library's current exhibit about Le Petit Prince/The Little Prince by St. Exupéry. Although I had read it years ago when I was in high school, it's been a very long time. So I did find a copy in French(why not? it's a short book) and just re-read it.

Now when I read it, I think not just about the story, but more about the author. I am fascinated by his life. He was a pilot and that naturally was the impetus for this charming tale about a little boy who shows up on our planet Earth having magically arrived here from his own tiny planet far away. The exhibit at the Morgan Library explains how St. Exupéry left France when Hitler invaded and lived in New York as an expat doing his best to find a way to combat the invasion. (I grew up in New York so there is my NY connection.) St. Exupéry became friends with many local artists and authors. It was there that he wrote this charming tale. He eventually went back to Europe, joined the Free French, flew missions, and disappeared over the Atlantic. His ID bracelet was found on a beach near Marseilles many years later. (There is my connection to the south of France where I offer so many houses.)

So read my newsletter and you, too can learn more about this fascinating author and his beautifully written and illustrated book. Definitely NOT just for kids!

Or... order a copy.


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