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A Mill in Paradou and Winter Reading 02/11/2013

In these dark winter months when I've planned for my summer trip to France, but am still waiting to go...I like to get a book that gets me in the mood for that trip. If you're like me, here's a terrific suggestion to help transport you to the fragrant hills of Provence.

Lettres de Mon Moulin(Letters from My Mill)
by Alphonse Daudet.

This is a particularly pertinent book for me... because I have recently added to our selection a beautiful mill PR311 which is very near the very mill where Daudet wrote his series of short stories! Daudet's book is so famous that French people actually visit the mill where he spent at least some time living while he wrote his stories. His mill is at Fontvieille and ours is at Paradou: two neighboring villages.

Written in the late 1800s, Daudet's book tells bucolic tales of local priests, farmers and shopkeeepers whom he encounters while in his mill. These stories give us a chance to imagine a simpler life in the windy, hot and dry south of France years ago. And isn't that one of the joys of our own travels to France? To experience, if only for a little while, a country life in France. You can get the book in English or in French either from your public library or online from Amazon if you wish. . Your local bookstore probably won't have a copy. I loved the book and hope you do, too.


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