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Piedmont: A Wine-Producing Region to Explore 04/11/2016

Tomorrow I leave for Italy to hike the Via Francigena, the medieval trail that goes from Canterbury to Rome. My husband, friends and I will hike a portion of it as we typically do, over a 2-week period. This year we'll hike from Lucca to Siena a shorter distance which will only take us 6 days. My husband has a professional meeting in Pavia in the north before we start our hike, so we've used this opportunity to explore a region that is new for us: Piedmont, or Piemonte.

Obviously when I return I'll have more to tell you about this, but for now I can say that we are basing ourselves in one of the little villages outside of Alba. This region has more DOC wines that any other in Italy! When most Americans think of Italian wine, the first one that comes to mind is typically Chianti and then perhaps Brunello, both wines that come from Tuscany. Or perhaps they even think of Prosecco, the sparking wine from the Veneto. But in Piemont, the Barolo and Barbaresco both made from the Nebbiolo grape are known as the King and Queen of wines.

So we are excited to learn more about the wines and to taste the food of the region.

As for the hike, here's hopeing I am in shape! Our longest day will be 15 miles and our shortest 6. We have our luggage transported daily and so only need to get ourselves up and down those charming Tuscan hills. Arriving in San Gimignano and Siena on foot will be very inspiring as both are places I have visited by car. Such an experience allows me to feel a kinship with generations before me.


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