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Paris Sidewalk Cafes are Busy Again 01/08/2016

Today's NY Times had an article relating that Paris streetside cafes are becoming busy again after the horrific attacks in November.

I have always loved the sidewalk cafes in Paris. Even in late fall when I'm usually there, outdoor tables and chairs are filled with Parisians bundled up in their coats and scarves enjoying their beverage and the view. I, too, usually select a table outside, cozy under a heat lamp, blocked from the wind by those charming plastic half walls, enjoying the energy of the street.

I've often marveled that here in Berkeley where the weather is moderate all year we have relatively few outdoor cafes. At last, however, Berkeley is waking up to the charm of enjoying sitting outside with a beverage even in winter. We do see more side walk cafes here.

But today is a good time to think of Paris and appreciate its street side culture. Let's all sit outside at a cafe and think of enjoying life.


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