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Welcoming Benches in France 02/12/2016

Although it's February, here in Berkeley, our spring bulbs are already blooming. So to continue a theme I started last week in this blog, I am thinking of more of my photos of flowers blooming in France. And I have many!

As readers will know, I have hiked the Chemin de Compostelle in France, the medieval trail that links up with the "Camino" in Spain. And I have done it in segments over several years always going in the springtime. I hike with my husband and very good friends. Blooming flowers greet us as we pass meadows, farmhouses and villages. Not only do locals plant flowers next to the doors, but often there are welcoming stone benches with flowers next to them.

And that is what I've chosen to share today. My fellow pilgrims and I have often enjoyed these benches as a brief shady respite on our trek. Here is a particularly welcoming one.


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