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My Love Affair with Marinated Olives 01/15/2016

Stroll through an outdoor market in France and you'll see tables covered with bins and bins of marinated olives. All colors, all flavors: Herbes de Provence, Moroccan spices, lemon-flecked, oregano and garlic, the combinations are wonderful.

As you stroll by, the vendors will tempt you with a taste. I can't resist them. So not only do I buy local olives when I'm in France, but here in the US, I marinate my own and offer them to guests with a before dinner drink.

In fact, come to think of it, it was because of marinated olives that I started this business.

My family and I were staying in a hotel in the Var near Fayence , a town famous for its weekly outdoor market. We walked through, we were attracted to the olives, and after several tastes, we made our selection. The vendor, as is the custom, scooped a ladleful into a small plastic bag, and tied it shut. We went back to our hotel with a bottle of wine, the olives and a loaf of bread. We put the olives on our dresser, opened the wine and enjoyed them both. It was heaven,except for the mess the bag of olives made on the dresser---olive oil all over. I thought, how much nicer it would be to enjoy this and other foods in a house with a kitchen and dining room. And that is how the idea for Ville et Village started.

Now I buy marinated olives in France whenever I'm at an open market so I can enjoy the latest flavors. And even in the winter, the merchants are out with their products. Here's a picture from the Marché Richard Lenoir last year in winter.


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