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I'm Leaving for Italy Soon 04/01/2016

In two weeks I will be flying to Italy. Although I travel internationally regularly, the recent explosions in Brussels have made me more aware of the dangers that stalk us in these newly brutal times.

Somehow the fact that it occurred in or near the security check line at the airport, has brought this risk closer to mind. But it won't stop me. I have looked up the tips on State Dept. website and have incorporated them into my plans. Best to be prepared.

I now have a list of important phone numbers to call in Italy in case of a disaster: the US embassy and how to call the police. And, as I always do, I have sent an itinerary to my family who will be in the US. Seems some family members of those who were injured or killed didn't know where their loved ones were supposed to be that day.

And in two weeks, I'll be off. This year we are continuing our hike on the Via Francigena. We will hike from Lucca to Siena. This is an area I know well, by car. So it will be fun to hike it on a medieval trail and to enter those famous villages on foot as thousands did starting in the 10th century.

We will walk through San Gimignano, Monteriggioni,Gambassi Terme and San Miniato among others. And we'll stay in one monastery, in several small agriturismos, and even in a beautiful small hotel. We will hike from 8 to 15 miles a day and as before have our bags transported daily.


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