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Hiking in Rainy Weather in France 01/04/2016

It's a rainy morning here in the Bay Area and I'm reminded of rainy days in France.

Over 4 years in 2 week increments, my husband, friends and I hiked the Chemin de Compostelle, the GR65, the medieval trail that links up eventually to the Camino in Spain. The GR65 starts in Le Puy en Velay and goes to St. Jean Pied de Port at the Pyrenees. We often went in April when it can be rainy for days on end. It's a lovely time of year. Hillsides blossom with spring flowers and the everything is green. Well-covered in our rain slickers (known as "cagoules") and shod in heavy hiking boots we covered our necessary miles, one step after the other.

After many days of rain, the trail can be VERY muddy, and walking becomes very hard work. It's all part of the challenge and the enjoyment of facing the elements day by day, kilometer by kilometer. And on the way, we meet other pilgrims,usually French and enjoy being American "ambassadors" on this very French trail experience.


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