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Join in the Olive Harvest in 2015 01/30/2015

Ever see the olive harvest in Provence?

On my fall trip I stayed at PR301 when the owner was harvesting olives from trees below beautiful Les Baux. His wife, Danielle took me out one afternoon to visit. Monsieur and his nephew were hard at work, electric packs on their backs, racks reaching up into the branches knocking off fruit onto the red nets on the ground. The setting was lovely: acres of olive trees with the craggy cliffs of the Alpilles mountains beyond.

Hubert is retired from his business as a fruit merchant, and the olive trees are his full-time work now. This is truly a labor of love as Hubert is harvesting the very trees his great-grandfather worked on many years ago.

Danielle and Hubert have extended a very special invitation to my clients. Book a stay at their property during harvest time--late September to mid November--and you can participate. They'll take you out to the prettiest parts of the orchard under Les Baux, and you can spend an afternoon harvesting olives yourself.

This is a special treat. Fall is a great time to visit Provence. Prices are low, tourists are gone, and the leaves are red and gold. Call or write us for help in planning your trip.


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