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Two Beautiful Towns in Northern Tuscany: Carrara and Pietrasanta 02/19/2016

Pietrasanta and Carrara are beautiful towns in Tuscany that can easily be missed by first-time travelers to this area. Tuscany has so much to offer, that one might not know there are wonders to visit even north of Lucca. I confess that although I have been to Tuscany many times, I only discovered these lovely towns when friends and I hiked the Via Francigena last year and walked through both towns.

This comes up now because just I mailed out my first set of travel documents for clients going to Tuscany and realized I needed to amend them to include information on these two north Tuscan beauties.

Carrara has a lovely town square, the Piazza Alberica, and if you only enjoy a beverage at an outdoor cafe there appreciating the architecture, the mountains and the locals, you will have a special experience. That's what we did. In addition, on workdays, you can arrange a visit to the quarries, something I missed as I walked through on a Sunday.

Pietrasanta is a total joy! Walking in from the north we were greeted by a Botero sculpture, a reminder that this town is home to several famous artists. We settled for lunch at an outdoor cafe on the Piazza Michelango, and enjoyed the spectacular sculptures displayed there. It's like a mini museum.

So if you're travelling to Tuscany this year, be sure to set aside time to visit these two beautiful towns.


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